About Us

At New Life Woodworking, we're fans of taking what already exists and giving it new life. This is a resource-conscience company whose mission is to repurpose what's already out there rather than cut down new trees or use new resources to make new products. Based out of Rochester, NY, we specialize in custom furniture, tables and built-ins mainly from repurposed bowling alleys and other used wood products. These unique pieces are conversation starters and centerpieces for your business, home office, or dining room that will last a lifetime. 


At New Life Woodworking...

-Every piece is unique

-Every piece is built-to-order just for you

-Every piece has a story

-Every piece is given a new life.

What sets us apart is attention to detail.

Our pieces are superior to other builders. Why? 

  • We offer Arrows, Dots and Foul lines on any piece

  • We use hardwood trim as a default, not pine

  • We reinforce tables with aluminum angle brackets for strength and longevity

  • We craft mitered joints, not butt joints

  • We attach trim with glue and screws for superior hold

  • We offer fully customizable designs 

  • We ship tables fully enclosed and palletized for protection

  • We respond with timely, engaged and clear communication

  • We offer unique prices and designs for each table to meet your needs

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